The Cross ~ Power to Transform ~ thru It's Foolishness.

The Transforming Power of the Cross ~ the foolishness of the cross . We need to heed Paul and glory in the Cross of Christ. He said - 'Follow me as I follow Him' What was his thought in ref to the cross? How significant was the cross as to his life and ministry? The western church , it seems, is embracing another gospel~ a gospel in which the cross is no longer an important or central theme. Today 'information' is what is being fed to the sheep in the form of spiritual psychology and principles. God is wanting to make Himself known and He condescended to come to our level and stoop underneath the poorest and lowliest in the Person of His Son thru the cross. It is only thru the cross we can be saved and it is only thru the working of the cross in us that we can be set apart and set free from all that would hinder the work of God in and thru our lives. God has chosen this truth and it will not change. We should read Spurgeon, Finney and those intelligent men of God who saw the glory of the cross of Christ in their generation and let these men teach us what it is to be transformed by its power . For what we have in this day falls far short of that which the greats of old made their only Treasure. They understood the power of this 'circumcision'. The Christ of the Cross is the very same Risen One, but we cannot share the glory of the Risen One without embracing to the fullest the Christ of the Cross. The cross is the power of God here on earth and has transformed the lives of countless millions thru the ages. It will not be forgotten in the eternities to come, for the cross displays the utter degradation of fallen humanity while at the same time manifesting the unfathomable love of God. Selah. (Anon)


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