Where Do You Find Yourself?

In these days of confused situations - In these nights of an endless remorse - When the heart and the soul of a nation - Lay wounded and cold as a corpse. From the grave of the innocent Adam - Comes a song giving hope to the sad - For Your prayers have been heard and a ransom has been paid up in full Be YE Glad. Be ye Glad OH OH Be Ye Glad ~ Every debt that YOU ever had - has been paid up IN FULL by the Grace of the Lord - Be YE Glad - Be YE Glad Be ye Glad !!!! Our earth pilgrimage is always the same ~ We get so involved down here. I mean it is all we really know in the sense of the air we breath, the warmth we feel, the breeze upon our face, and yet the reality is that all the temporal things we are able to touch and feel - are exactly that. Temporal. James says it like the flower of the field or the grass of the field grows but then is dried up by the heat of the blazing noon day sun' and so it is . The bible teaches our life is a vapor, or a vanishing mist blown and quickly dispersed by the slightest breath. And here we are. We get so caught up in things, while for the believer our true treasure is much higher and has already been stored up there. Jesus said 'Where your treasure is , that is where you heart will be also' I am glad I am in process. I am glad He is still working on me. I am glad to be always drawn back to the crux of the matter by His own Spirit who He said will be with me forever. To be taken back to once more review how He loved and loves me. It is here I can really breath. For the born-again soul there is but one place called home. And that is close to the heart of God. It was expressed by Him who said 'if you have seen Me , you have seen the Father' He gave His heart and soul and body up for his enemies because He so loved them. And that is me. I used His Name as a cuss word. I - liar and thief and idolater . Treading upon his holy blood that had been shed in love for me. If He so loved me then, how much more (if that were possible) now that I welcomed His Son and the sacrifice for sin He brought with Him, and the rising from the dead also . Today we are not only joined together with Him thru His death and resurrection , but also in his ascension and seated together far above all principalities and powers and every name that can be named in this age and in the age to come. That is what He did - without our help - for us- The door opens when we begin to believe what he has already said. Faith is the substance faith is the evidence. Not hope, but biblical faith. In this we can rest as He has also rested from that mighty Work. So Be YE Glad . I pray the reader finds themselves here. God Bless.


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