A LITTLE HUMOR ~ For all you Saints of the Most High God who are occupying at a certain - Mart !

LAST NIGHT AS I LAY SLEEPING, I DIED OR SO IT SEEMED THEN I WENT TO HEAVEN, BUT ONLY IN MY DREAM UP THERE SAINT PETER MET ME STANDING AT THOSE PEARLY GATES HE SAID "I'LL CHECK YOUR RECORD. PLEASE STAND HERE AND WAIT." HE TURNED AND SAID, " YOUR RECORD IS FULL OF TERRIBLE FLAWS... ON EARTH I SEE YOU RALLIED TO EVERY LOSING CAUSE... I SEE THAT YOU DRANK ALCOHOL, SMOKED AND DID DRUGS TOO. 'FACT IS YOU'VE DONE EVERYTHING A GOOD PERSON SHOULD NEVER DO. WE CAN'T HAVE PEOPLE LIKE YOU UP HERE. YOUR LIFE WAS FULL OF SIN " BUT THEN HE READ THE LAST PART, TOOK MY ARM AND SAID " COME IN " HE LED ME TO THE BIG BOSS. "TAKE HER LORD , AND TREAT HER WELL. SHE USED TO WORK AT WAL-MART ~ SHE'S DONE HER TIME IN HELL!" (lovingly dedicated to Linda M.) (The writer wishes to remain anon.) Thanks --->Auntie Jo<--- for bring that sweet little ditty to us from the Old Country. Yes, it is amazing that Wal-Mart is even in the U.K. Herein I perceive a little springboard from which I will launch myself ~ Please understand that as a believer, we have the power to influence the very atmosphere of our work environment. Strange as it may sound, if things are like hell where you work, you don't have to fall for it. Someone holds the keys of death and hell and my bible says HE LIVES IN YOU if you are a believer in Christ! Now we see a mystery.i.e. He has the power and He lives in you (if you are a believer in Christ) Yes , it is easy for me to say, but think about this. His Truth was established before I uttered my first word. {Infact... 'before any of my days came to be, they were written in Your book' (Psalm 139)} All that to say that it IS possible for Him to have His way in and thru us. And it doesn't hurt as much as we think it will when He does. Remember, fellow Saints of the Most High God, 'Christ in you, the hope of glory'(Colossians) Be that 'conductor' of His Life. When we give ourselves to such thinking we may stumble upon MIRACLES with our every step. (Just say Amen)


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