What is Salt and Light?

Interesting picture. It looks quite intimate. Obviously you know who it is. It's a no brainer. Images such as this give me peace because I am a part of that scene. I am the one second from the left. Seriously though, if we belong to Him who purchased us with His own blood and we have entered into the mystery of Christ in experience, we are indeed a part of the intimacey portrayed. He said 'I am the Light of the World, and if you follow Me (arrange your manner of life around Me) you will have the Light of Life" There is indeed a fellowship of knowing by experience that He is not some historical figure held captive in some historical book, but One who is alive and beyond the realms of human understanding and yet intrinsic to it. He knows me. He knows you ~ if you are initiated into that Mystery thru the living mechanism of faith. And because you are made thus, you he has made also to be light in this dark world. John said 'If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship one with another and His blood cleanses us from all that violates His Holy Law' His Word washes us. We are Light in this world as part of His spiritual Body. This is not mysticism but reality. Light shines into darkness and dispells it. Darkness is the absence of light. Within light we can see more light. So what about salt? I learned it has a curious effect on what it touches. Salt on a wound hurts like heck but the bacteria is killed by salt. It also preserves the condition and slows down deterioration. That was the old way of keeping meat before we all got refridgerators. Salt it down and bury it in the ground! or salt it and hang it up in the shed. He said we are the salt of the earth. If we lose that , not much can be done. We are to touch and preserve and kill bacteria in this world of decay and death. How? Thru the power of our influence as one who is irreversably joined to Him. It is a sign of who we are along with the love He has given us. Let us not be afraid to shine and touch in His Name.


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