The Foundation

This is what started everything . This is what made it all different! It wasn't only what He taught in that space and time in history when He was physically with us . It wasn't the miracles or healings witnessed by so many who were present and later wrote about what they saw and heard , the very sound of His voice still ringing in their ears. No, it wasn't just those things. If it were just that, then it would have been all over a long time ago. Infact, it would have been all over when He expired on that Roman cross, and it would have been so evident that it was over when the blood and water came forth after that soldier thrust a spear into His side, for this was the evidence of His death, a most permanent situation for most. His back had been laid open already by the flagrum, and this alone could have done the job . It was not two-score-save-one according to Jewish law as some preach , but He had been delivered to the Gentiles to be killed , thus fulfilling what had been written hundreds of years before it came to pass. In fact , over six hundred prophecies had been met and fulfilled from their law in this Man. No again , it was not that! Romans didn't count at the whipping post like the Jews did. Romans didn't care about breaking the Law of Moses. Why should they? No, they just kept on and on until they where tired , one on each side with two flagrums.That made sure His back was ploughed just as the scripture had said. No, it wasn't all these events that started it. It was what happened after they put that dead body, features unrecognizable from the beating, whippings , bruisings and puncture wounds it had received, in a borrowed tomb in a rock and covering the entrance with the huge stone. Pilate had declared, 'I find no fault in this man' , but the mob incited by relgious men, had it's way. No, the trouble really started a little later when a woman, probably an ex prostitute, was seen weeping at His grave. The stone had been rolled aside as if an invitation had been given to look within. She was distraught , eyes filled with tears because they had stolen away his body and she didn't know where they had laid her Lord. At least this is what she thought had happened until a figure appeared in her tear-blurred vision. She spoke to this man thru her tears thinking him to be the groundsman at the garden gravesite. " Sir , have you seen where they laid him? " All she heard was one word from this supposed groundsman. It was her own name. "Mary", He said. Instantly she knew! He had said before in His teaching, 'My sheep know my voice and they follow Me. I give to them eternal life and they shall never die' She had just heard once again the voice of her Shepherd back from the dead......

"He is not here, but He is risen just as He said" Posted by Hello