TIME FLIES ~ you can't. They're so erratic!

Already half way thru the year. Amazing ! Getting closer to Streets of Gold and the Presence of Christ for Eternity where time shall be no more. With all of the events in this great nation and the world, it is evident that times are , in fact getting closer and closer to that Day. Corruption is on every hand . We are being told lies by our leaders. Our very culture in undergoing some stepped - up 'engineering' for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear , while Hollywood drugs the masses on entertainment and distraction. They are talking about more terrorist events on American soil this year. Cattle mutilations are up! And here we are !!!! Christian, know that the Sheriff is coming to town very soon (on a white horse) His Name is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and a sharp two edged sword proceeds out of His mouth to execute judgement! Injustice will be dealt with along with everything that makes a lie. God has appointed a Day in which He will judge this world in righteousness . Jesus Christ is coming back soon! Get ready ! The Sheriff is gonna put the bad guys in jail and throw away the key. You'd better believe it !!!!