But what is the difference? There is indeed a precious difference ! For 'Mercy withholds from us what we righteously deserve while Grace gives to us what we do not by any means deserve'. Here are some quotes from David Jeremiah that have been a blessing in understanding the difference between the two. "Mercy withholds the knife from the heart of Isaac, while Grace provides the ram caught in the thicket" ~ Abrahams test. "Mercy runs to forgive the prodigal son, while Grace throws a party with a robe , a ring and a fatted calf" ~ A parable of Jesus. "Mercy binds the wounds of the man beaten by robbers, while Grace covers the cost of his full recovery" ~ The Good Samaritan. "Mercy hears the cry of the thief on the cross, while Grace promises paradise that very day." "Mercy pays the penalty for our sin at the cross, while Grace provides the righteousness of Christ in its place." "Mercy converts Saul on the road to Damascus, while Grace calls him to be the great apostle (Paul)." "Mercy saves John Newton out of a life of debauchery, while Grace inspires him to write the greatest hymn that has ever been written." "Mercy keeps us out of hell, Grace takes us to heaven" "If these words makes no sense to you, I pray the Spirit Slips on thru ...He loves you" ~ Larry Norman



The Sherriff is Coming to Town - Who's Side are You on?

Clap your hands all you people .' Shout unto God with a voice of triumph. Clap your hands all you people. Shout unto God with a voice of Praise....' The Sherriff is indeed coming to town ~ Corruption is going to be dealt with on a massive scale. "They're call on the rocks to try to hide their face, But the rocks are gonna cry out 'No hidng place !' What will YOU do , if you wait too late, to get your heart right with God" Every eye shall see Him and every nation shall wail because of Him. Men will ask the rocks to fall upon them and to hide them from the face of the One who sits upon the throne. It's time to get into the Ark of Eternal Safety which is Christ the Lord. ~ "I wish we'd all been ready."



Watch how Jesus touched each one of these Muslims through a series of dreams and visions in various countries around the world. For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women – without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians – have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Reports of these supernatural occurrences often come from “closed countries” where preaching the Gospel is forbidden and where converting to Christianity can invoke the death sentence. A common denominator appears to be that the dreams come to those who are seeking to know and please God. Remember how the word says God is no respecter of persons. We ourselves need to be seeking to know and please God especially in these days. Ali (Turkey) Dini (Indonesia) Khalil (Egypt) Khosrow(Iran) Mohammed (Nigeria)