Community Reviews Life Changing :- Dec 14, 2006 This book changed my life. I struggled with sexual addiction for years. I've read books, attended seminars and 12 step meetings on the subject but this book really challenges the reader to step up. I am now walking in freedom and teaching others to do the same. ['''''''] Best Resource for Purity I've stumbled upon Mar 17, 2006 Having read almost every book I can find on the subject I can say that this book is the best out there. It describes the problem and challenges you. He gives helpful insight to vividly expose the lie of the problem and then gives you comfort and encouragement from his own life. Many examples of different situations this problem could take year are sobering in themselves. He knows his subject and the pattern of the sin. We have over 30 people using this book in our addictions group at our church, and all agree it is what happens and it is telling the truth unapologetically. The biblical truth present here has kept me from hurting myself with this sin over and over again. Thanks Steve for this book! If you are going to buy any book, buy this one first then let the others be soft/unhelpful towards you. If you are struggling with this, you need to be told the truth more often than comforted, so buy the book! I would also encourage the workbook, so you have to write down the truth that you read. Your heart will not want to accept the truth the first time around. Profoundly helpful to struggling men. Mar 15, 2006 I do a lot of counseling of men struggling with sexual addiction. Far more than any book I have encountered, "At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry" cuts right to the heart of the problem. Steve Gallagher has finally given the evangelical world a book that uses the Word of God to deal with this terrible epidemic. I have given to many men, and almost all have found it remarkably helpful in their battle. Every wife and girlfriend should read this book. Certainly, every couple preparing for marriage should read it and talk about it openly. If you have a suspicion that someone you know is involved in pornography, please give this book to him. And especially, if you are struggling, PLEASE READ AND APPLY THIS BOOK. SAVED MY LIFE!!! AND IF YOU'RE OFFENDED BY THE FEAR OF THE LORD BEING THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM, YOU WON'T LIKE THIS BOOK