For those of us who prefer a more conventional approach, HOME-JOB-STOP might be the answer you are looking for. There are moms who would rather work a real job from home and/or dads who need to be at home for whatever reason. This could be a lifesaver - Get a Real Job that You can do from Home!">Real jobs posted by real employers for those who are prepared to work at home! ....end of commercial. This is a valid resource.


E Money News ~ Help for God's People.

Providential Link Please be sure to take the time to check out this vehicle. Friends of Jesus understands the needs of God's people and does not endorse anything that happens to come down the pipeline. Many already realizing benefits associated with E Money News are our brothers and sisters in Christ and are using their resources for the Kingdom of God. Please pray for God's guidence and know mammon is neutral but will take on the nature of the one who handles it. We are simply making a resource available.



Here we go again!!! Another absolutely awesome resource page for you ---->TEENS !!!!<-----The questions you may not have answers for ~ Answers right here!!! Nothing quite like this anywhere on the web.





God snapped a picture of me this morning in the ray of Sunlight. I smiled at the warmth of His love burning in my heart as I thought,'I'm that special to Him '. I said, 'Lord, I like that!'He said, ' I like it too, that you like it.' So He did it again. He snapped another shot. And I thought I was the only one made happy, but He showed me He was happier, because I received it and said 'Thanks!' ~ *Kathy McBryde *Kathy teaches and holds seminars and spiritual retreats for women of all ages and backgrounds. She is also in the process of writing an autobiography. 'Friends of Jesus' fully endorses Kathy's ministry. If you want a real and vital relationship in truth with the Father you will be encouraged and inspired.You will also discover the reason you have been called and God's Divine Purpose for your life. Kathy is available for speaking engagements. You can contact her at FriendsofJesus@muchomail.com


How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet by David Nevue

Here is a prime source of unprecedented information on the nitty gritty of website promotion for the Christian musician. In fact this will work for anyone who wishes to get their own music 'out there'. David has his own Music Ministry (MusicBizAcademy.com)and has paved the info hi-way for many a singer/songwriter and band. He has also donated his talent in support of 'The Demise of the Dragon Project' to help provide scripture and bibles for Chinese believers ~ *A Streamingheaven Project*This is a wonderful resource for those musicians among us who do not wish to sell out to any label, thus maintaining control over 'product' distribution, design and promotion etc. Simply put, he's been there and done it. This book is highly recommended for its accurate and thorough content. David cuts to the chase. Quote... "I've been promoting my music on the Internet since 1995. I'm now doing music full time. I didn't need a record label to accomplish that. I did it on my own, by the grace of God, and in fact, I really don't care if my music ever is 'discovered' by a major record label. What I do care about is the fans who listen to my music every day, how it touches their lives, and how it brings them joy. I get such encouragement from my fans, email from people I've never met from all around the world. And now I'm able to work from home, write my music, and spend more time with my wife and beautiful little boy. That is my definition of success." - David Nevue, author of "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet".



Remember when .... movies were just cleaner to watch? Well, here is another friendly resource if you want to have a family night or even if you are at a place where you are just sick and tired of unnecessary foul language or uncalled-for sex scenes in the movies. No this is not a commercial from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?!' Just check out the link and if you want to relax with a movie, this may be a good option.



It is amazing to me how information can be communicated in these days in which we live. More and more folks are becoming surfers of the new info wave. Herein is opportunity additional to face to face relationships. If you have an email just tag a link to your email signiture. If you are a Christian (as most who are reading this) you will undoubtedly welcome such opportunity and glorify God in doing so. So BE ABOUT YOUR FATHER'S BUSINESS and Godspeed as you DO IT! p.s.Try it for yourself first....just put in your own name and continue. GOD DOES NOT DESIRE YOU TO GO TO HELL!

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Beware ~ White Rabbits, White Rabbits !!! Posted by Hello p.s. If the FFC Worship Band would provide some sound files, the World Wide Web would be blessed too! :)