Already Mid October ~ Halloween on the way !

It's already Mid October and Fall is arriving in Austin, Texas. How the seasons come and go! Especially once Halloween hits! This year we will be doing a Fear Factor event at our local Harvest outreach and capturing film footage. Yes this year things will be a little different with our little Halloween helpers! After the indoors event we will be going out to 6th street in order to interview the street people who will be parading themselves in freakish attire. We will be bringing them a message. It is a message that can set them free from the chains of sin and bondage to the law of sin and death. Remember to pray for us. God is always faithful to show up when we take the gospel to the streets. It has everything to do with the message, not the messanger, just as the power is in the seed and not the sower. This is the most wonderful season of the year. It is kinda cool that Halloween is the opening act for the greatest event in all of human history, for at Christmas the Word once more becomes flesh. Love once more, comes down to set men free from the tyrannical rule of the Fallen Archangel who deceives the whole world. Light is coming into this darkness and we remember this historical truth. The lights are dimming for the opening act of this seasonal play we enter into each year. It always ends in celebration for we always remember that Christ was born into this world to seek and to save for eternity those who will trust in His work of redemption. If we are part of His Body on earth we can enter in. He is still doing His work thru us.