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If you are a Christian and are reading this it is not an accident. You might take a minute and look over your shoulder. I can wait. Truth is that God has your number. In fact He has the number of every hair on your head. He knoweth your frame and remembers that you are dust, so there is simply no excuse for this behaviour to continue. Look at the picture above. It shows a very good fisherman. Using both hands with such skillful ease. Peter was a fisherman. Probably not as good a fisherman as the eagle in the picture, but it was his livelihood. One day he hadn't caught anything at all ...all night long and he was cleaning his nets in the early morning on the beach with his fishing partners. Jesus shadow fell on him as he was bent down doing what he had always been doing. He looked up as Jesus told him to go out again for another catch. 'You don't understand. We fished all night and have nothing. Nevertheless , at your word I WILL do as you say and cast my net out one last time. Okay, on the other side of the boat!' Peter went out and did it. And then it happened. The nets were almost breaking with all the fish. They needed help from other fishingboats to draw in the catch. Peter said to Jesus 'Get way from me, for I am a sinful man' Jesus said to him 'Peter don't worry , from now on you will be catching men. Follow Me.' Peter learned to catch men and God desires for us to also do the same. He watched Jesus do it for 3 years after that call to follow. He learned. So can we. Check out wayofthemaster.com and come and see for yourself. He wants to make you like the eagle above.


Remember no matter how wealthy you become in this life or how many letters may accumulate after your name, one thing is certain. You may be doing very well, be very happy or perhaps the reverse can be said of you and you long or even pray for that big 'break' you hope will one day come. There is however, one fact that levels the playing field of life for all of us. No matter how much we dislike the subject , it will not ever go away . Even if we choose to never think of it, it is still there lurking at the back of our minds. There is no escaping the fact that as sure as you and I were born into this world, we will one day die. You are going to die. I am going to die. There is nothing we can do to reverse that. It is the ultimmate statistic....an inescapable truth. Also there is another disturbing fact to be considered, and that is; you are going to be dead alot longer than you have ever been alive. If you are a responsible person you may have planned or be planning for your retirement. After all you do deserve something to help you spend your after work days in relative comfort. It is an interesting fact that many of us spend more time and money preparing for this time of our lives than preparing for when we leave this place at the end of our lives via the portal of death. Are we prepared for that ? Have we been researching the possibilities? The world's best selling book of all time has much to say to us about this very important subject. If there was a way to avoid death would you be interested? Do you believe the bible's claim that you may actually know you have recieved the gift of eternal life, is true? No need to speak the answer out loud. Just listen to your conscience. Maybe it is time for you to check out that best selling book before you actually check out. After all, are you guaranteed the experience of brushing your teeth tomorrow morning? How many on 9/11 2001 had the experience of brushing their teeth in the morning for the last time as they had no idea they would be in eternity by the end of the day. One day you will indeed meet God , for it is appointed unto all men to die, and after this the judgement, Are you prepared ?

"23 Minutes in Hell"

Finally the audio CD has been made available thru Streamingheaven Productions and is being offered with a very conservative price tag. Was Bill Wiese's experience literal? Does Hell actually exist with a physical location? What are the sights and sounds of this God forsaken place? How good do you have to be to avoid it and how bad do you have to be to go there forever? These questions and more will be answered in Bill's compelling testimony. Bill and his wife have a Real Estate Business in California and speak at churches all over the U.S.GET THE CD HERE.